Allergy and SLIT

Allergy and SLIT

Allergic reactions in your nose can be an important cause of swelling of the nose and sinus lining. Interestingly, there are also many people who have significant chronic sinusitis who have absolutely NO environmental allergies and have been taking allergy medications for years. Regardless, determining what, if anything, you are allergic to is extremely important to the long term management of your nose and sinus problems. For this reason, we may perform an allergy screening test with a formal referral to an alllergist if appropriate. Additionally, if you have significant allergy that is contributing to your problem and allergy shots are not an option for you, we are also offering sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT).

What is SLIT? SLIT is an allergy treatment where you place several drops of a solution under your tongue. The drops are specially mixed, just for you, based on the results of your allergy testing.

The goal of SLIT, like “allergy shots”, is to permanently improve your allergy symptoms. SLIT can improve symptoms that may include stuffy nose, itchy eyes, itchy throat and others that may occur seasonally or year round. Like “allergy shots”, SLIT has been shown to permanently improve these symptoms. Unlike “allergy shots” SLIT does not require frequent office visits, does not require weekly needles and no serious life threatening reactions (anaphylaxis) have been reported.

SLIT is easy to do, is affordable and is a great treatment for allergy that is not well controlled with medications. Although it is not the right treatment for all patients, it may be the perfect treatment for you. If you have significant allergy symptoms but your busy life makes the many hours involved in “allergy shots” impossible please ask if SLIT is right for you!


Data shows that allergy symptoms improve long-termYesYes
Multiple appointments for treatmentYes


Wait at appointment after treatmentYesNo
Reports of Life Threatening Reactions (Anaphylaxis)YesNo
Serious Local Reactions PossibleYesRare
Insurance CoverageYes (with multiple co-pays) 

Although sub-lingual (by mouth) allergy treatment is not covered by insurance, it is safe, done by you at home and has proven benefit in the medical literature.

It’s as easy as a couple of drops under your tongue, once a day!


  • Coming to the doctor’s office weekly for approximately a year
  • Paying a weekly co-pay (typically at $20-$40)
  • Waiting at least 15 minutes to make sure you do not have a life threatening reaction to the shot
  • Blocking out travel and wait time into your schedule for 3-5 years