COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 Policies

The Centers for Advanced ENT Care has always been committed to providing the highest quality healthcare.  With that, we continue to follow the COVID-19 crisis and the recommendations for testing, treatment and isolation that continue to change. Since our cleaning protocols in our practices always met or exceeded the current recommendations, no change is needed. We are however making the following changes to our patient policies until further notice. 




The Centers for Advanced ENT Care Patient Restrictions

For the safety of our patients and staff, and to lower their likelihood of exposure to COVID-19, The Centers for Advanced ENT Care (CAdENT) has temporarily implemented a new patient and visitor policy. 

All CAdENT practice offices will follow these guidelines for restricting patient/visitors in their locations:

  • If a patient/visitor has a fever greater than 100.0
  • Have a new (<14 days) cough or Flu-Like Symptoms
  • Have traveled to a “hot” zone within the last 14 days 
  • Have been in contact with someone with a confirmed Covid-19 infection


You will be screened by clinical staff prior to entry if you:

1. Have lost your sense of smell/taste in the last 14 days OR

2. Have travelled more than 20 miles from your home in the last 14 days


Patient/Visitors that fall into these guidelines are not to enter our office and will not be seen. 

These patients/visitors should contact their primary care physician via telephone per current CDC recommendations.  

If you have an ENT related issue, please call our office and leave a message.



  • NO visitors (not patients) under the age of 18 will be allowed into the office.
  • NO visitors will be allowed in the waiting room or exam room with patients unless needed for assistance.  Come by yourself and/or have your visitor wait in your car.
  • Children who are patients are to be brought to the office with ONE adult only.


In addition to our existing protocols, we are also enforcing that:

1.  All patients and staff wear masks

2.  All patients are screened for symptoms as they enter facility

3.  All staff and providers are screened daily for symptoms

4.  All patients, staff and providers' temperatures are checked daily

5.  All surfaces are wiped down throughout the day.  All patient rooms are thoroughly cleaned and wiped down between visits

6.  Air purifiers are placed in each room